Our company’s mission is to boost the development of different sectors of the economy with the promotion of micro, small and medium-sized businesses. Special attention will be paid to the growth of lending in rural areas, which, in turn, will be one of the pillars of agriculture.

For the purposes of its mission, Premium Credit UCO will implement:

  • provision of consumer loans with gold pledge,
  • provision of car, real estate and mortgage (renovation) loans,
  • provision of agricultural loans,
  • provision of other consumer loans with moveable and immovable property collateral,
  • foreign exchange operations,
  • purchase and sale of treasury bonds, as well as repo, reverse repo transactions,
  • provision of guarantees,
  • other activities typical of universal credit organizations.

We have adopted the following values in providing services to its customers:


Our company plans to have a wide network of regional branches to make its services available to wider audiences. We envisaged to establish branches in the regional centers of the Republic of Armenia to serve the increased number of customers.


The proposed financial transactions will be offered both in Armenian drams and in foreign currencies in accordance with current legislation. Each branch or representative office is equipped with modern technology for high-quality services.

Effective management

According to the policy adopted by the management, the main style of human resource management in our organization is “coaching”, rather than “managing”. In terms of financial resource management, the conditions of newly available resources will be set in line with market requirements and at the same time will have competitive advantages. According to the effective asset and liability management our company intends to allocate free resources to treasury bonds.

Learning & Development

In order to improve the level of knowledge of our credit organization’s managers and employees, as well as to increase productivity, strengthen our company’s position in the market, introduce new products and know the latest market news regular trainings will be organized both in Armenia and abroad.

Trust and honesty

Our company will not provide its services to people who are engaged in any activity prohibited by the Armenian legislation or suspected of money laundering or terrorist financing. Also, we will not carry out risky lending (unreputable borrowers, blanket loans, etc.). Our credit organization will perform financial operations by taking into account the requirements set out in the current legislation and the Central Bank’s legal acts.

Customer service

Special attention will be paid to fast and high-quality customer service. Written complaints received from our customers will be reviewed by the relevant branch manager, who, in turn, will hand in the complaint to the Executive Director. In case of necessity, the management will meet with the customer to get acquainted with the issue. All employees will be required to maintain high standards of ethics not only for clothing and appearance, but also for relationships with customers and partners.

Updated: 07/06/2019, 20:30

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