The type (group) of “Premium Credit” credit organization (group) is “universal credit organization”.

Our company’s transparent business, professional staff, and well-balanced financial management policies will assist during rapid changes of the market conditions and boost sustainable development.

The number of our clients is increasing day by day, and we are planning to have over 5000 customers in the coming years, which testifies to the ever-improving quality, availability and reliability of our services.

The annual loan interest rate will not exceed the maximum limit prescribed by law, and the borrower’s comprehensive analysis and creditworthiness assessment will be carried out not only during the loan disbursement but also throughout the whole loan period.

The company intends to carry out its activities both in Yerevan and in the regions of Armenia through a wide network of branches.

During the upcoming years our organization plans to pursue a policy that will enable us to increase the total capital both with the increase of statutory capital and profit.

Updated: 08/06/2019, 1:02

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